Video To DVA – Cloud

There is a brand new way to store, view, edit, and save your videos – the DVA! This latest technology is fast becoming the media of choice for both your old tapes and new video captured on your smartphones and tablets. These days more and more of our customers are transferring their VHS, Beta, 8mm, MiniDV and their DVDs as well to cloud-based Digital Video Archive.

DVDs have been the media of choice for more than ten years because they were slim, compact, and gave us features like menus, submenus, and chapters – and we still provide that service. DVA offers all the benefits of DVD plus more! Here are some of the features of DVA:

  • Your memories will never again be vulnerable to fading, scratching, or loss because DVA is cloud-based
  • Once your precious memories on old tapes are transferred you can view and edit them yourself
  • You have immediate access to your videos on any computer, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, or Smart TV.
  • You have private sharing! Viewing is by invitation only – to only those you wish to see them.
  • Add, change, and re-title chapter markers online. Organize your new DVAs into albums (we call them Archives).

“Hey, You… Get on to Our Cloud”™

That’s right! Get on to our cloud. It’s easy! Just bring in your old DVDs, videotapes, 8mm, and 16mm home movies. We’ll take it from there:

  • First, our DVA technicians will convert your film or videotapes to DVA.
  • Then we’ll upload them to and you will receive a private and secure DVA account.*
  • With your new account, you can view, organize, edit, and share your new movies with your friends and family. You’ll be able to access these new DVAs from your computer, smartphone, tablet, and smart TV.
  • With your DVA account, you’ll also be able to upload, view, and share the videos you take with your smartphone or tablet. Now your friends and family will want to start their own Digital Video Archive accounts as well! Soon you’ll have new DVAs from them to watch!
  • Digital Video Archive Technology is here!

We like to say that “DVA brings families and friends around the table again.” Home Video Studio is the leader in the preservation of memories, and we’re on the leading edge of this new technology. Getting in touch with the past, sharing the present, and making new memories for the future has never been easier or more fun! Call us today.

*Monthly membership required