8MM & 16MM Film Transfer Services in Orange County, NY

Film Transfer Services

Have you run across old family home movie reels but the projector is long gone? Have you been meaning to get your home movies transferred onto a more durable format? Maybe you’ve decided this will be a great gift. Now is the time, whatever the reason, and we are at your service! 8mm, Super8, or 16mm – sound or silent – we transfer them all! With combined decades of experience, we are trained to get the best possible images of your home movies. And the best part? We love home movies and treat them like our very own!

Here’s why our film transfer service is your best value:

  • Our state-of-the-art HD digital equipment guarantees the best scan of your available.
  • Primary and secondary color correction will bring out the most vivid colors available from your film.
  • We use Flashscan Film Scanners for 8mm and Super 8mm transfers. These German engineered scanners are very highly regarded in the industry.
  • Sprocketless drives on the Flashscan assure a steady image. The jumps and jerks of sprocket machinery are alleviated and damaged sprockets and/or shrunk or warped film is not an issue.
  • Laser alignment and 3-chip cameras guarantee complete frame capture. There is no cropping.
  • If you have sound on your film it will be captured
  • Bonus music track free of charge. This is custom music made especially for our transfers.
8MM & 16MM Film Transfer Services

Now you’ll be able to view your DVDs any time you wish. Each DVD includes:

  • Professional standard encoding
  • Attractive artwork on the DVD
  • Chapter Markers – so you can easily locate a specific scene
  • Thumbnail image selection on an on-screen menu

Your precious home movies on a scratch proof, hard-coated disc rated to last over 25 years! Your memories deserve this care! Call us today and let’s get started!