Howard also got exposed to personal computers through work when they first came out. He was always the go-to person in the office on how to use any of the programs. As video technology moved to the PC, Howard was quick to get familiar with the latest video and photo editing software.

The real excitement was when his parent’s 50th anniversary was coming up. “We were planning a party with family and friends and wanted to do something special. Originally, I was only going to put out some old albums and maybe a poster board of photos. Then I saw the huge collection of old slides and videotapes we had. Most of this hadn’t been seen in ages with many of the family members no longer with us. Wow, wouldn’t it be special if I could incorporate the best of each media and present a life story.” He began collecting material and using special equipment to perform transfers. Video editing software allowed him to perform special effects such as the “Ken Burns” feature of panning and zooming images along with adding appropriate music, voice-overs, rolling scripts, and other items such as scanning the wedding invitation.

A stack of various old video tapes and cassettes.