35MM & 110 Slide Transfer Services in Sussex County, NJ

Professional Slide Transfer Services

We have professional equipment that produces high-quality results for slides compared to traditional scanning methods.

We’ve been taking care of slides for many years and we realize there’s a lot of your life preserved on them. You can trust us with these treasures, whether they’re 35mm slides, 110 slides, 126 slides, 127 slides, stereographic slides, Kodak Disc or APS film, film negatives, medium or large format, or any other format. We transfer them all – and we do it locally!

Did you know…? Many times slides are sent out. Maybe across the country. Maybe even across the ocean! When you bring your slides to us they will never leave our studio.

Plus, our slide transfer process guarantees:

  • The best care- Every slide is viewed for quality control
  • The best image – Color-correction, cropping, and rotating/flipping is applied to each slide that needs it
  • The best technology – We may be able to digitally “mend” any damage for scratches and dust
  • The best resolution – We scan at a very high-resolution. All corrections are made while still in this high resolution format.

Once we transfer your slides the images will be archived to a scratch-proof Archival Platinum DVD rated for 25+ years. We can also place them onto a hard drive for your convenience.

We have the experience, technology, and TLC to give you the best slide transfer experience. Call us today!

35MM & 110 Slide Transfer Services