Video Tape to DVD Transfer Services in Morris & Warren County, NJ

Did you record your loved ones and important events on tape in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s? You may have VHS, Beta, 8mm, MiniDV, or even another more obscure format. No matter the kind of tapes you have there’s one thing you should know: Time has taken its toll while they were sitting in a drawer or resting on a shelf. Videotape has a life span, and your most precious memories are subject to time and the elements. How can you extend their life? You can transfer them to a newer, longer-lasting format to be enjoyed for generations to come.

What has brought you here? Have you been thinking about getting your tapes transferred for a while? Do you have several formats? Are you looking for a place you can trust with such important treasures? Whatever the reason, we understand and we can help you. Here’s how:

  • We are trained and experienced. We understand tape and tape transfer technology.
  • We are committed to this industry. Skylands Video Services has always led the way with cutting edge technology.
  • We are passionate. It’s not just a job…it’s our life. We love preserving your memories and will treat them like our own!

Once captured we will transfer your old tapes to Platinum “45” Archival DVDs. Our exclusive Platinum Archival DVDs ensure a perfect playback experience complete with “smart” chapter markers and archival peace of mind. These Platinum “45” Archival DVDs are built to last. There is no better DVD technology.

Each DVD you receive will include:

  • Professional encoding.
  • An attractive imprint on the outside of the DVD.
  • Smart Chapter Markers are placed throughout your video so you can easily skip through your finished DVD.
  • Thumbnail scene selection. Each chapter will be indicated on an on-screen menu with a thumbnail image of the scene.
  • This DVD is the very best in archival technology – scratch-proof, hard-coated, and guaranteed to last at least twenty-five years!