Video Production & Editing Services in NY, NJ & PA

Skylands Video Services has been established with the inspiration of Howard’s passion and excitement of preserving family memories and telling stories. It all began as a young teenager when he started earning money as a paperboy. His first investment was a Kodak camera where he began taking photos and slides on a regular basis. Creating photo albums and performing family slide shows were a regular practice.

This passion continued through the years and Howard would always keep up with the latest technology of camera and video equipment as finances allowed. “I remember renting a VCR and VHS video cameras for special occasions in the early ’80s as the equipment was quite expensive. Capturing memories has always been important to me.”

Our Mission

We offer the best in professional video services for consumers, organizations, and businesses in the Northern New Jersey, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Hudson Valley, and New York regions, from the smallest shop to the largest corporation. We use the latest in video technology and are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of our ever-changing industry.