Video & Audio Tape Repair in Passaic County, NJ

Have you ever wanted to watch an irreplaceable video and found it broken? Has a pet decided your old tapes have become his favorite new toy? Is your child’s first birthday video jammed in your old VCR player? Fear not! We’ve seen just about every kind of tape problem and, boy, do we have some stories! Surprisingly, though, most of these stories have happy endings.

We’ve even rescued tapes from some of the most potentially heartbreaking situations, like the smoke damage and water damage that comes from fires and floods. Most repairs, however, a pretty simple and straightforward – if you know what you’re doing.

VHS with tape surrounding it on white background

Bring your broken tapes to us! We specialize in repairing all sorts of tapes, including VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, BETA, Mini DV, and 3/4 Inch video tapes and BETA video tapes. We can even repair most audio cassettes and reels.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all tape repairs and offer a same day service if you need it. Call us today to discuss your video tape repair issue.


Can you put my video tape onto a DVD after you are done repairing it?

Yes! That’s a great idea, and we highly recommend it. Video tapes are deteriorating every day. We’ll transfer your tape to a Platinum Archival DVD, complete with label imprint and scene selection.

I have an 8mm tape that I can see when I fast forward, but it does not play correctly when I just press the play button. Can you help?

This problem is a special situation, one that we need to evaluate on our professional equipment. Sometimes we can help, so please give us a call to discuss this problem.

The picture from my video tape has lines on it when I play it on my VCR. Can you help with this?

Yes. This may be simply a tracking control problem. Many times your tapes will play better on our professional VCRs. Please call us for more help with this issue.